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Almost haft a million this year 2011 have graduated in college which means an additional numbers of workers who will be considered under-employed and unemployed. Under capitalist society like the Philippines, workers are made to compete and fight each other in their search for limited job offering and what is more disgusting is, there are some companies like the MEDCEETECT company, located at Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines, whose business marketing strategy is based on deception. The company will post high compensation rate and office work position at the internet to attract “unlimited” applicants with a promised of UNLIMITED INCOME (very enticing!)

How the MEDCEETECT earns more money from their prospect applicants?

1. The Exam and Interview (First phase)

The job seekers will be required to take “easy-short list exam and rigid interview” and regardless of the result of that exam and interview, the job seekers will be accepted and be required to be back on the following day for business orientation.”Unlimited applicants”. No money making yet at this first phase but look what will happen next.

2. The orientation (Second phase)

Shall we say 40 applicants have passed the exam and interview (actually unlimited applicants and nobody will be given a failed rate), so 40 applicants will be attending the business orientation (by batches with no less than 40 applicants every day depending upon the room capacity of their office) that will last for 4-5 hours. At the orientation proper, two speakers will be lecturing. This second level is conducted in a different building, not the same building during the first phase (Are they hiding something?)

The first speaker will discuss about the company’s profile which includes introducing their products and services and corresponding amount and their allied companies. There are 3 products and services introduced: (a) The Insurance (Family Protect) that covers limited and selected illness, accident and death accident,  (b) The Dental Health that covers only the front side of your teeth, and (c) MaxCEEmum food supplement. All of these 3 products and services have prices (thousands) and  with marketing propaganda. The lecturer will continue to say (repeated brain washing) that they are not hiring “sales agents” instead “office personnel” (oh sounds good in the guise of white color jobs) but notice later what will happen to applicants.

The second speaker will discuss about the “positions offered and the unlimited income” propaganda (wow very enticing, no fix salary, unlimited INCOME/SALARY) but before an applicant can be qualified for their very limited vacant job (5 vacant posts), an applicant must first pass the “challenge” (the term they used in order to get P350.oo in payment for “contract” but the “OFFICIAL RECEIPT” of that payment is issued not in the name of MEDCEETECT Company but in the name of OPTIMA FUTURANCE CONSULTANTS (oh the devil first lie), Inc. and charged to “accreditation fee”(oh the devil second lie). Have you noticed the discrepancy and deception here?. The P350 is the first money making for every applicant (first level of deception and money making). Those who attended that orientation will be declared” passed” (as always the case as what they did at the exam and interview phase, everyone will be accepted, more applicants, more money for the MEDCEETECT Company) and therefore every applicant will pay P350 after the orientation proper in the guise of SIGNING A CONTRACT (oh why you have to pay for a contract?). As always, there are 30-40 applicants per batch which means every one will pay P350 and everyday hundreds are applying because the MEDCEETECT Company promised them of “UNLIMITED INCOME” and OFFICE POSITIONS such as Account Supervisor, Account Executive, Trainor, Trainee, Health consultant and supervisor, etc. Again, they will kept on saying they are not hiring for sales agents.

P350.00 x 40 persons= P14,000 in just few hours of propaganda, brain washing and deception

The second speaker will discuss duties and responsibilities, positions and income and at the end, he will require the applicants to ‘CLOSE THE DEAL” (the high light of his lecture propaganda)  as a “CHALENGE” to test the seriousness and determination of the applicants but here comes another form of money making (DECEPTION)  in favor of MEDCEETECT Company. How?

Those who paid the P350 “accreditation fee” will be challenged to sell the company’s products and services (they call this scheme “closing the deal” as a test). They will again keEP on saying that they are not hiring “sales agents” but notice the scheme. Every applicant who passed this phase must look  for one (only person) to “close the deal” (it sounds like that applicants are not “sales agents” but actually they are sales agents at this level and will be forced to buy the products and services, if necessary if they failed to close the deal with other people because everyone is told to ‘QUICKLY CLOSE” the deal as soon as possible. They will threaten the applicant that if they can’t sell the products the soonest, the applican will be overtaken by other applicants and ultimately lost the position).

Every applicant will be required to “quickly” do the task in the guise of “challenge or test” to find someone to buy their services and products (the dental health card amounting to P1,100 and the applicants will be required to sell two (2) dental health cards (P2,200), the MaxCEEmun food supplement amounting to P850 per box and the applicants will be required to sell 2 boxes of MaxCEEmum, and lastly, the Insurance or Family Protect as they called it at P1,800 plus P200 processing fee (P2,000) and the applicant will be required to find a buyer of the Insurance plan (P4,000). The MEDCEETECT Company will advise the applicants to do this task as “quickly as possible” (“closing the deal”) by finding someone to buy those products and services as a form of  “testing the applicant” to determine the determination of the applicants (second level of deception and money making) so that applicants can proceed to another level of being qualified to the limited job vacancies they offered. They repeatedly brain wash the applicant that they are “sales agents” but in reality they are but is being hidden (deception) in the guide of “test or challenge”.

Now, since every applicant wants to get hired in order to receive the “UNLIMITED INCOME and EXECUTIVE POSITIONS” (sale agents by essence but called in a different beautified titles) either they will be the one to buy the products and services or someone they knew but they have to do this as “quickly as possible” (with time frame as required) because there are only limited job vacancies as told (5 positions) while hundreds and thousands wants to qualify to the job.

In short, while applicants are competing each other, money making continue in favor of the MEDCEETECT Company and the end of the day, only 5 job positions will be filled in but their products and services are already sold (closed deal) through the efforts of their applying applicants. This (DECEITFUL) scheme is under the guise of testing (challenge) the applicant’s PERFORMANCE, KNOWLEDGE, TIME and ATTITUDE.

Shall we say the first batch of applicants (40 persons have sold the products and services or closed the deal) regardless of time and days they accomplished, the money continue to enter the MEDCEETECT Company using the “challenge scheme” and the end of the day, only 5 persons will be given an “opportunity” to proceed to the next level of another form of money making in favor of the MEDCEETECT Company.

All are in the guise of “challenge” or “testing” the determination of the applicants (in the guise of testing their Performance, Knowledge, Attitude and Time) but actually, behind that word “challenge” is big big money coming into the company at the expense of applicants effort to prove his/her determination because every applicant is require to find someone to buy (close the deal) the products and services.  See the following:

P2,200 (Dental Health Card for 2 deals) + P2,550 (MaxCEEM for 2 boxes) + P4,000 (Insurance for 2 deals) = P8,750 x 40 applicants =P350,000 + P10,500 =P360,500 per batch every day (WOW a big big money for MEDCEETECT). All of these money making, exploitative and deceitful schemes at the expense of competing applicants makes MEDCEETECT Company a BIG SCAM! They are using (manipulating) their applicants in general to generate huge of money from the “challenge or test scheme” and out of the products and services they they sold or close deal.

3. The reward (3rd phase)

Every applicant has a “padron” (an employee of MEDCEETECT) and this “padron” (“contact person” as termed it) got his/her share or points (money) from the products and services marketed (“closing the deal”) by the applicant. Those who will be accepted will also become a padron and got his/her share or points (money) from their recruited applicants. This is where UNLIMITED INCOME comes in but only few positions will be declared vacant. Same schemes and deceitful marketing strategy will be used in all of their branches.

The public and the Department of Trade and Industry must know this marketing scheme (deception) of MEDCEETECT so that proper justice will be rendered to thousands and thousands of victims.

Capitalism as always as it was and it is an exploitative system with no regard of conscience, and morals. Profit is its goal (god) and the expense of the working class (altar of sacrifice). The love of money is the root of evil…



You may take a video of any illegal modus and send the video to BIDYO BANDIDO (09474006405) and BITAG (09192141624).