The OPLAN GREENBASE is a secret action plan authorized by GMA and executed by the DND, OPAPP and other government agencies. Read this site for details: http://thetrillanespapers.blogspot.com/

On the Objectives of OPLAN GREENBASE

Based on the two documents, the objectives of OPLAN GREENBASE have been deduced to the following:

1. To capture and occupy Buliok Complex and environs within one week.

2. To clear the Liguasan Marsh Area so that development projects can be implemented as concessions to the Libyan and Malaysian participation in the GRP-MILF peace talks.

3. To capture MILF Chair Salamat Hashim dead or alive.

4. To file criminal charges against MILF leaders.

5. To bomb Napocor transmission towers and power sub-stations, and blame the MILF.

6. To conduct comprehensive psywar operations and destabilizations in Urban Christian Areas and blame the MILF.

7. To convince the Asean, the European Union, and the United States to declare the MILF as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (because of the terrorist activities to be blamed on them as stated in 5 and 6 above)

8. To transfer the venue for the conduct of the Balikatan 03-1 to Central Mindanao.

9. To resume formal Peace Talks once the objectives were achieved.

Findings – Based on the data gathered, objectives 1 to 6 were achieved. Objectives 7 and 8, while they have yet to be achieved, were attempted to by GMA and her officials to dangle as leverages or threats against the MILF. These were apparently grave enough to have the MILF capitulate and call for a 10-day unilateral ceasefire on June 02. (MILF declares 10-day unilateral ceasefire. Joel Guinto. inq7.net. 28 May 03)

As for Objective 9, both the GRP and MILF have declared a mutual ceasefire and the negotiations for the resumption of peace talks are now underway. (Philippine Government, MILF work out for renewed ceasefire. 20 July 03. downloaded from www.luwaran.com)


In view of the above findings, the Greenbase Documents are not spurious as their contents were based on either true information or actual events. At the same time, almost all the objectives set forth in OPLAN GREENBASE were found to have been directly or indirectly achieved. Therefore, the documents could not have been propaganda materials.

Still, the findings above are not enough to conclude that the documents or more specifically OPLAN GREENBASE is an action plan. The element needed to conclude it as such, is the time the documents were made. If the documents were made prior to the occurrence of events or the official pronouncements, then OPLAN GREENBASE is, indeed, an action plan. Otherwise, if the documents were made after, then it merely becomes a white paper.

To this, a reference would be made on the date when Sec. Bunye made a statement that the Greenbase Document is spurious and that is—27 February 2003 (see Bunye’s full statement in page 6 above). This statement placed the time the documents were made at not later than the said date. On the assumption that it took at least two weeks before Sec. Bunye was able to get hold of a leaked copy, then it placed the time it was made at about the same date indicated in the document, which is 11 February 2003. At that point in time, no one except those in the upper echelons of power could have had access to all the technical and classified information contained in the Greenbase Documents. Neither could anyone have accurately predicted the actions and pronouncements of the government nor the future events.

It is clear, therefore, that the contents of the Greenbase Documents are true and that OPLAN GREENBASE is a secret action plan authorized by GMA and executed by the DND, OPAPP and other government agencies.


With the revelation that the Greenbase Documents are true, comes a very frightening implication – that GMA and her administration can and will sacrifice the lives of innocent people she had sworn to serve and protect, in the pursuit of political, economic and personal interests.

The comprehensive peace policy of her Administration had been very promising while the signing of the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities had been hoped by many as the first step to lasting peace in Mindanao that all Filipinos longed for. But just like how she reneged on her Dec 30 vow not to run for President in 2004 and how she reneged on the Oakwood Agreements, she—full of deceit and betrayal—also reneged on this very sacred agreement and ordered an all-out war to the unsuspecting MILF secessionists. The difference from the first two however is that, in the latter, hundreds of people died or were wounded—civilians, soldiers, and rebels alike; hundreds of thousands of families were displaced with the children left forever traumatized and deprived of education that would eventually force them to join the next generation of rebels; and billions were lost in damaged property and on relief and rehabilitation costs. All these enormous costs for a war that never should have been.

Finally, the Greenbase Documents validate the fear that state-sponsored terrorism had become a policy option in the GMA Administration. The Davao bombings and other bombings in Mindanao, which left hundreds of innocent civilians dead, are mass murders and works of evil minds and heartless individuals. At the very least, these horrible incidents shattered all the pretensions of democracy under the GMA Administration and effectively removed its very reason for existence.

The above facts proved that the reactionary government is waging a double-talk with its perceived enemies. It is capable of conducting bombings and killings of innocent civilians and throw the blame to rebel groups.

The new administration under Pres. Noynoy Aquino must prove his commitment to righteous path (ang matinong daan) by prosecuting the government officials who were involved in this OPLAN GREENBASE.

The Filipino people are very much thankful to the courage of Sen. Trillanes and the patriotic Magdalo soldiers for exposing this OPLAN GREENBASE.


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